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I am a seasoned L&D and Change Management professional with over 15 years of experience working in both private sector and public services industries in numerous technical, training and change management roles. I have garnered speciality working on business transformation projects while managing all aspects of training program. I have rolled out both face-to-face and blended learning training programs.

I am a hands on training consultant having designed, developed and deployed training programs while leading teams, managing stakeholder relationships and communications. I have the ability to translate complex business and technology messages to easy to understand instructions and training material and implement appropriate assessment tools.

I am a self starter and have the ability to build trust and relationship. I regularly exercise problem solving skills in finding creative, innovative and cost effective solutions. I am a motivated individual and a team player with passion for technology and the use of social channels for the purpose of training and change management.

I have worked for organisations such as Telstra, Sensis, AMP, ANZ, Australia Post, RTA, VicRoads, Department of Justice etc.

What do I offer?


A lot of result oriented magic!

I work as a consultant and an implementor. I work across all phases of training to design, develop and implement training programs. I make learning stick!

I design and develop training strategies and implement them.

I design and develop training modules for both paper based delivery and e-learning. I take the time and effort to understand the audience and implement effective learning strategies.

I believe in lean development and a huge promoter of it. This assists in validating the training strategy and ensure that the training program is both learning and cost effective.

I manage training teams and stakeholder engagements. I assist in addressing the challenges faced by organisations relating to change, learning and competencies.

I assist in polishing your existing training strategy/learning programs to make them more effective. I measure success.

Get in touch with me by leaving a comment below or on my LinkedIn page.

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  1. Abhinandan tejas bhai…Very good progress.

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