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This is so true about so many things in life, from measuring performance at work, measuring productivity, measuring ‘things’ that will make you reduce weight, measuring things that you have accomplished in a day or this lifetime, measuring learning at work and many other things. Before you start measuring and spend endless time in analysing those measurements, identify things that will really move the needle.

Oct 072013
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Yes, Yes, Yes.

1) Focus

2) Get the priorities right

3) Act.


Aug 142013
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I have been saying it for a long long time that every smart phone is unique. Because it’s owner is unique. You define your smart phone.

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You give your smart phone a personality which most of the time is an extension of you. Today Anaggh Desai apply said it.

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Mar 272013
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Yes, validations are necessary and important but more so when one is producing, creating, innovating stuff. Don’t spend all the time just getting validations (and likes) on the things that don’t matter.