Feb 242015
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Steve Jobs – Thanks to Vijay K for the image.


Happy birthday to Steve Jobs – My Hero. My inspiration and a misfit that made all the difference. May your life keep on inspiring me for another 60 years.

Sep 112013
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Mark Benioff shares wonderful stories of his time with Steve Jobs and  self-realisation. Watch it, absorb it and share it.

on a side note: it is funny how I accidentally came across this video today when new iPhone/s have been announced. Miss you Steve.

Apr 132012
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Problem: To design really cool, functional and appealing toys

Situation: The market is full of expensive and cheap crap and most of it is shit design and crap products [in Steve Jobs terms]

Required: A person/organisation who can lead the way and design usable and appealing toys both for parents and children alike

Ninja Mehca

As a parent of two kids, toy shopping has never been a pleasant experience for me. Key reason, most of the stuff on the shelves is badly packaged including over packaging, toys not designed well and are not really appealing. This might be more the case when you start loving and appreciating the design and user experience philosophy.

A toy should not only be appealing to it’s main users – children but adults alike. It should be a joy thing to use just like using iPhone or iPad is for the young kids! There is a huge room for a person or an organisation to make their mark in the toy industry. Someone like with abilities of Steve Jobs! Comeon and revolutionise the world!