Sep 092016
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Now and then I hear and see people wowed by someone’s number of likes, followers on Twitter or number of Facebook friends. Differentiating between followers and real friends is important.

Your friends will be those that make you happy offline or online. One that stand by you in good and bad times and can sense the words behind the silence. Ten thousand likes on a post will make you happy in the moment and famous for 5 minutes, but real friends offer you a long-lasting companionship. Not all online followers are your friends or want to be one. They have their self-defined agendas most of the time.

This quote from Brené Brown is fitting.


Aug 282016
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Yes, talk is cheap and does not add a lot of value. Right action, on the other hand, does increase value to everyone involved.

Make it Happen

Oct 042015
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Curiosity is the spark for creativity and innovation, the best long-term investment you can make.

Mar 242015
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Act Now - Don't Delay

Act Now – Don’t Delay

Do I know a lot about George Canning? No, but I agree to this quote of his. What I do know is that indecisions do have a cost associated with it and sometimes it can be super expensive just not to make decisions, let alone not making them at the right time.

So take action now, come to a decision – right or wrong but make a decision  and move forward with your life.

Jan 222015
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Once you have decided on a field, you need to know what has been done so that you can know what still needs to be done.

Nov 052014
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Jun 122014
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At the least, try to find somebody who gets your idea and have skills to execute better than anyone you know.