Do what you love the most?

Do you agree that the jist of all things we do is to make ourselves and our loved ones happy? You work hard for exams, as you may want to achieve good scores, so that you can get in the desired courses, so that you can become what you dreamt of, as you think becoming that “person” will make you happy. Some people work weeks on weeks without seeing their family, so they can earn money for their family which will allow you to buy things for them and this may make everyone involved happy.

So if you are not doing what you love the most, – Stop, think and do something about it today. You certainly don’t have to leave everything you are currently doing and take that plunge (although you certainly can!). You can start small today and take it forward tomorrow. As long as it makes you happy.

The more happy you are doing something, the higher the chances of you becoming successful in that endeavour.

What were the top 2 jokes shared on WhatsApp last week?

It does not have to be WhatsApp,it can be Telegram, Viber, Facebook or any of your favourite app that keeps you connected with your “friends”. I use WhatsApp as an example as that is one tool I use the most.

WhatsApp checks


By participating in such mediums what you are giving away is your time and as a result your attention. It would be great if that time and attention is used in a beneficial way to you and others. Light hearted sharing has it’s place but don’t make it focus or your day where you constantly feel the urge to keep on sharing the junk you see shared elsewhere (and lot of times even before you read it yourself).

Respect your time but also the time of others. Do you think your friends really care about the things you share on the app? Ask them if they can recall at least two of your jokes [or your reshares]  from last week? Now ask your friend about a conversation you had with them last week? I am betting that the chances are high that they will remember the conversation but not the jokes.

Point is that use the power of tools like WhatsApp to spark powerful conversations and to learn about things that you did not know. You certainly don’t want to be remembered as a person who shared a lot of jokes and had little substance, or do you?

What does Father’s Day mean to me?

Father’s day mean that I miss my Dad the same as I do everyday but with a more intense regret that I wished I had told him more often how much I loved him and what he meant to me. He was and is my hero.

Father’s day mean that I am immensely proud of my children and thank God from the bottom of my heart for this privilege.

Father’s day is also an opportunity for me to stop and think of what kind of father I want to be to my children.

Father’s day is an opportunity to stop and show gratitude to billions of parents out there and say THANK YOU!

And ofcourse being pampered and loved by my children is priceless.

Cost of Choices

Today as the World mourns the death of Robin Williams, I am sad and feeling the loss. If the rumours are right about him committing suicide, it makes me angry that a great actor and a human being decided to leave the battle field and gave up.

While I was still digesting the news about Robin Williams, I got the news about a friend, an elder brother, a person whom I respected, passed away overseas. He was my childhood hero, a handsome, intelligent, witty, confident chap. I always had high regards for him and as a kid watched him climbing the success ladder swiftly. This individual had the power to move a mountain and his influence hard to resist. A charismatic leader he was. He achieved success in everything he did, including bad choices that he decided to embrace. I am feeling sick, not only because I lost a friend, a brother from my extended family but because I witnessed how choices made this larger than life person to give up on his life.
His liver stopped functioning and he spend the last weeks of his life in a hospital bed rather than his own palace. I will never know what got to this ambitious man that he gave up on his life and drowned himself in liquor. He leaves us wondering about a lot of “what ifs..” today. He  left us wondering what all he could have been if not for his choices. Choices he had the power to make but could not accurately evaluate the results of those choices. The choices which costed him his life, the trauma his family will suffer for the remaining part of their lives. The cost his family and friends will pay for a long long time to come.
RIP big brother and Robin Williams.

“Apple needs Steve Jobs, it’s not innovating anymore..”

That’s what I hear from a lot of friends and acquaintances who either use Apple devices or never want to use one or then some who have never have used one and seem to know all the good reasons why Apple is evil. I got to hear this three times in the last 24 hours because the so called experts read somewhere on the Internet that Apple’s iPad sales fell down. So all those people here’s some reasoning if you like to think rationally,


So let’s put these pieces of the puzzle together. Consumers are more likely to upgrade a phone on a faster cycle than they would a tablet. Tablets are generally more expensive than phones, particularly when you still have phone subsidies in place. Bigger phones are on the rise and these can reduce tablet demand. There are also credible tablet choices that cost less. Add it up and you get slower growth of iPad sales.

One more thing (see what I did there?) in terms of iPad adoption. Given that the iPad isn’t a necessity and that it did grow sales quickly early on, perhaps most of the people who have the disposable income to buy an iPad have already done so. On the company’s investor call Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that in the U.S. and Western Europe, overall tablet sales — not just that of the iPad — are soft, down about 5 percent this past quarter.

Read the whole article here.



What can Apple buy?

I read this tweet:

If you follow the tech scene, it just put things into perspective as to how much revenue Apple is earning and how much cash reserves it can afford. It’s silly but what if Apple was allowed to buy a country and all the residents of the country agreed? Apple may just convert the country into a design heaven!