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That’s what I hear from a lot of friends and acquaintances who either use Apple devices or never want to use one or then some who have never have used one and seem to know all the good reasons why Apple is evil. I got to hear this three times in the last 24 hours because the so called experts read somewhere on the Internet that Apple’s iPad sales fell down. So all those people here’s some reasoning if you like to think rationally,


So let’s put these pieces of the puzzle together. Consumers are more likely to upgrade a phone on a faster cycle than they would a tablet. Tablets are generally more expensive than phones, particularly when you still have phone subsidies in place. Bigger phones are on the rise and these can reduce tablet demand. There are also credible tablet choices that cost less. Add it up and you get slower growth of iPad sales.

One more thing (see what I did there?) in terms of iPad adoption. Given that the iPad isn’t a necessity and that it did grow sales quickly early on, perhaps most of the people who have the disposable income to buy an iPad have already done so. On the company’s investor call Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that in the U.S. and Western Europe, overall tablet sales — not just that of the iPad — are soft, down about 5 percent this past quarter.

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I read this tweet:

If you follow the tech scene, it just put things into perspective as to how much revenue Apple is earning and how much cash reserves it can afford. It’s silly but what if Apple was allowed to buy a country and all the residents of the country agreed? Apple may just convert the country into a design heaven!

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At the least, try to find somebody who gets your idea and have skills to execute better than anyone you know.


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How would you define digital learning? 

Learning is learning. Whether you use technology or not is relative. Using the tools and technologies I outline above will enable you to connect with more content and peers, more quickly and effectively. However, learning without technology is also a reality for all of us.

………. Last week in Sydney at the Future of Higher Education conference, I asked an expert panel why those of us involved in education are so obsessed with prefixes. We hear about digital learning, e-learning, blended learning, mobile learning, and even micro-learning. Students don’t really care what the learning is called, as long as they learn, and ultimately pass their exams and achieve their grades. Does it matter what we call it and what prefixes we apply? Many of the above kinds of learning overlap considerably, and the technologies we use are similar if not identical. 

One of the best responses from the panel was that the prefixes are there not for the learners but for the professional community – i.e. teachers and especially academics – to gain some kind of purchase on exactly what we are discussing. I can see the point in this. But I still feel uncomfortable with the idea that we should differentiate between different kinds of learning. Ultimately, what ever tools are used, they must be used appropriately and effectively. I still hold to the belief that learning is learning. …………..

So true. At times the names are more for branding than anything else. Fancy names won’t add any additional value to the learners and the users.


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Continuation from my previous post..


No, can’t be



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I love it when I cannot attend conferences on my favourite subjects and still get 25% goodness through Facebook and Twitter stream. 25% is for accessing the information and data that was shared at the conferences. The other 75% lies in the networking and soaking up the atmosphere. So yes, attending conferences in person is still way more worth it.

I virtually attended #Socialbiz14 remotely on Twitter tonight and soaked in the goodness of the information shared and discussed.

Here’s a part list of tweets and links that I found insightful.

I haven’t been to many conferences where they ask attendees to TURN ON the phone

Fans are Fans

Can’t agree more. I think of retail businesses who want to compete just by beating the price! Provide us extra value.

Yes, you would have heard this before. “Content is the King”. Look at these figures and contextualise.

World is changing.

Good advice.

Wow, I have just read 25 of these so far.

WTF – What The! Fun


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I have never heard of part time passion, have you? If you are passionate about a thing, allocate the time it needs, part time might not cut it.